Getting it Right in Reading

Getting it Right in Reading is a Learning Disability (LD) health project that provides:

      • A ‘Resource Pack’ for GPs, and for practice staff and the GP Learning Disability Lead to support their understanding of LD, how to make reasonable adjustments to support learning disability health checks and generally to provide a better service for people with learning disabilities. You can view and/or download the resource pack by clicking on the blue link.
      • Our dedicated Health Family Adviser offers group and one-to-one support for people with LD to understand about annual health checks and how to get one by registering on their GP’s Learning Disability Register.
      • One-to-one casework for adults with learning disabilities to manage specific health issues.
      • Support for adults with learning disabilities to use the ‘Talkback’ Health Passport.
      • Information for carers about helping their dependent adult with a learning disability to manage their health.

We take referrals for casework from GP Practices, Social Care, CTPLD and other healthcare professionals or Care Providers to our Health Family Adviser, who is part of our Family Support Team. People with LD can sometimes lead chaotic lives which can lead them to neglect their health. They may get no or little social care support or paid carers may not notice a chronic health problem which is escalating. We can help people in this situation get the help they need and, working with their GP practice, help to set them on the path to better health through Annual Health Checks, improved nutrition, opportunities for exercise and social interaction.

The Project is supported by the Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups.

As part of this project, there are three useful very short videos to help ensure people with a learning disability don't miss out when it comes to their health. Please click on the images to view them.

The first talks about not missing out on your annual health check. The second shows what happens during your annual health check. The third is has been developed by the Learning Disability Leads at Lambeth CCG and is aimed specifically at GPs to inform them about what's involved in health checks for people with learning disability. You can also download a Don't Miss Out on your Annual Health Check poster.

See our leaflet:'Getting it Right in Reading'.


Have you had your flu jab yet?

People with learning disabilities and their carers are entitled to a free flu vaccination. It’s really important to help you stay well this winter.

As well as being very unpleasant, catching the flu can be more serious for people with learning disabilities who may also have other health needs

It is vital that those who are eligible have the free flu jab every year to protect them against different flu strains that are circulating.

Vaccinations are available through local GPs and pharmacies.

If you need help to access your flu jab, please call us on 0118 966 2518. Our Family Health Adviser will be able to support you.

NHS England have produced this short video for people with a learning disability about getting a flu jab.  

There is also an easy read leaflet about the flu jab.

For more information, please contact Carl Borges on 0749 5544707