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ME members cook up a tasty Halloween treat

Preparations for Halloween are in full swing at Reading Mencap with decorations made, masks created and pumpkins turned into Jack-o’-Lanterns.

Nothing has gone to waste though, as members of our ME Day Activity Service used the pumpkin flesh to make a tasty soup for lunch. They scooped out the seeds for toasting and cooked the pulp with onions, potatoes and vegetable stock with a little curry powder added for flavour. It was turned into a lovely, silky soup with a hand blender.

They worked up an appetite just before lunch with Bella, our Zumba instructor, who had them dancing to Ghostbusters among other lively tunes.

There’s more fun planned for tomorrow with a special Halloween party for members of the ME service.

We’re looking forward to seeing how many members turn up in scary costumes!

 Scooping out a pumpkinCooking pumpking soup Carving a pumpkin