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Heartwarming tale of friendship in winter

As the cold creeps in woodland animals are starting to hunker down for the winter…but a poor little robin has been blown away from her family in a storm. Lost and alone, she is very scared. Luckily, she meets a friendly bear who stays awake to help her.

During their journey they come across rabbits, hedgehogs and geese who are getting ready to sleep until spring. Can our little robin find her way home?

This heartwarming tale of friendship also has a fabulous musical score with 'robin's song' sung to the tune of the Addam’s family!

Members of our new Performing Arts Club have been busy learning their lines at their weekly rehearsals and making music using percussion instruments.

At the next session they will be making props in preparation for the grand performance at Reading Mencap on Friday 8th December. We can’t wait!

New Performing Arts Club at rehearsals Performing Arts Club learn their partsEveryone at Performing Arts has a part to play A tambourine helps create the music