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Coffee Club enjoy making natural beauty treats

Rosewater, egg yolks and lemons were among fresh ingredients used by members of our Coffee Club to make homemade toiletries.

They enjoyed a workshop led by Philippa at the Museum of English Rural Life, where they learnt about using herbs for medicinal purposes and how natural produce can be turned into indulgent beauty treats.

Philippa passed around a variety of herbs including rosemary, sage and lemon balm for members to see, touch and smell.

She demonstrated how to make a face mask for dry skin with egg yolk and lemon juice and one suitable for people with oily skin made by mixing porridge oats with egg white and lemon.

Members also made a fragrant hand lotion using glycerin and rosewater, which smelt gorgeous and was soft and light. Everyone also rubbed lemon juice to their nails to strengthen them.

The workshop finished with everyone enjoying a cup of rosemary tea, which had been steeping throughout the workshop so the flavour could be savoured.

A very big thank you to Philippa for hosting an interesting and informative session for us.

Coffee Club is a social club which meets on alternate Mondays from 11am – 1pm.

Coffee Club make pampering treats Coffee Club members at pampering workshop Coffee Club make rosewater hand lotion